Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

SERVICE:  All adjustments will be made to keep the instrument in proper playing condition.

REPAIR:  If minor damage occurs, instrument will be restored to playing condition, including parts, except for those listed in "50% Coverage" below.

REPLACEMENT:  If instrument is damaged beyond satisfactory repair, it will be replaced with one of equal quality. If stolen or destroyed by fire a claim must be filed with a copy of the official police or fire department report. Negligence on the part of the lessee will not be covered. For example, if lost as a result of instrument being left at school or on a school bus, this insurance will not cover the loss.

50% COVERAGE:  If necessary to replace a mouthpiece, practice pad, drum head, or orchestral bow, the insurance will cover half the cost and the customer will cover half.

Coverage does not include:  Repair of small dents or scratches which do not interfere with the instrument's function; replacement of expendable accessories; or finish restoration