Bach Artisan Series 1-1/2C Trumpet Mouthpiece (Comes With Leather Mouthpiece Pouch)

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Product Description

Hearkening back to Vincent Bach’s early 1920’s New York designs, Artisan mouthpieces combine the playability of Bach’s Classic inner cup dimensions with the softer rim designs and greater outside mass of his early mouthpieces.

Artisan mouthpieces come standard with a 24 backbore and a 27 throat. These design elements signifcantly differentiate the response and sound clarity from the Classic Series.

  • Model No.: 1-1/2C
  • Cup Depth: Medium
  • Approx. Cup Diameter: 17.00mm
  • Large diameter but slightly smaller than No. 1C, medium cup, softer outer edge, quick response,good for all-around use.