Conn 3807C CKB 7C Trumpet Mouthpiece

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Product Description

Great mouthpiece for a beginning or advancing trumpet player.

CKB Acousti-Balance designers borrowed the best from the past and integrated today's advanced acoustical knowledge to develop a mouthpiece with superior tonal properties. Concave sides from the King mouthpieces of the 1960's, knurled exterior from the C.G. Conn mouthpieces of the 1920's, and rim/cup sizes from the Benge mouthpieces of the 1980's - Features of the past combined with the science and technology of the present in one superior design.

Acousti-Balance represents an entirely new concept in mouthpiece weight distribution. CKB mouthpieces are machined by precise computer controlled equipment with the weight or mass balanced between the cup/throat area and the shank. This strategically balanced system results in a highly responsive mouthpiece that is acoustically efficient and well-suited to all styles of performance.