Bach Classic Series 10-1/2 EW Trumpet Mouthpiece


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Product Description

Vincent Bach was a rare combination of artist and engineer. He was constantly changing his mouthpiece designs until the mid 1960’s when they became more standardized.

The formalization of the 27 throat and backbore to cup letter (A=24, B=7, C= 10, etc.) created a standard for the mouthpiece making that is still used today. These standards are known today as the Classic Series.

  • Model No.: 10-1/2EW
  • Cup Depth: Shallow
  • Approx. Cup Diameter: 15.90mm
  • Rim Shape: Extra wide, high toward the inner edge
  • Cup diameter and shape are the same as No. 10-1/2E, but the extra wide rim offers support to players who have soft, fleshy lips and play continually in the extreme high register. Sometimes used for piccolo trumpet.