Ibanez P3110 Promethean 300 Watt Bass Amplifier

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Product Description

Part Practice Amp, Part Road-Ready Bass Rig

At only 23 pounds, the Ibanez P3110 Promethean bass combo amp is a perfect fit for the touring musician. 300 watts of booming projection through a 10" coaxial speaker and an on/off switchable tweeter will give you enough decibels and frequency range to shake the ground in any room. If you want more sonic assistance, this workhorse has an external speaker output for an external speaker cab. In addition, there is an XLR out if you want to plug straight into the PA or a mixer for shows or recording purposes. If you want to practice quietly before your set, you also have a headphones out and an auxiliary input for a CD or MP3 player.

Small in Size -- Big in Sound

Every touring musician knows the burden of loading and moving gear. The P3110 Promethean combo amp allows you to opt out of using a cab. 300 watts of power will keep your boom strong, and you can also use the Phat control feature to boost your bottom end when you need to. You also have an XLR out to plug directly into a PA for further uninterrupted projection. Power and mobility are two of the best features this baby has to offer.

Flexible Tone Control

Your tone controls include gain, high, middle, low, and a master volume knob. You also have the Phat control to give you greater low-end boost to beef up your tone. The P3110 also houses an on/off switchable internal limiter to help you keep tabs on your tone distortion. Also, if you want to add higher-end overtones or just push out pure low end, the tweeter has an on/off switch. All of these tonal options really make the P3110 Promethean combo a treat for the road, the studio, or for rehearsal.

Play Anywhere, Anytime

Being small in size and light in weight, the P3110 Promethean amp is a convenient friend to have. The auxiliary input and headphones out will both give you the opportunity to practice before a gig or session to a CD player or MP3 player. The headphones out gives you the freedom to practice with the sound you want without making any noise.


  • 300 watts of power through a 10" coaxial speaker
  • On/off switchable tweeter
  • On/off switchable internal limiter
  • Three band EQ, gain, master volume, and Phat controls
  • One XLR and one external speaker output
  • Lightweight and small size for gigging on the road
  • Auxiliary input and headphones out