Rico Plasticover Soprano Saxophone Reeds, 3.5 (5-pack)

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Product Description

The Rico Plasticover Soprano Saxophone Reeds feature coating technology to suit outdoor musicians. The reeds benefit from a plastic outer coating that assists in protecting the cane from weather conditions. The Plasticover reeds have a filed design that is appropriate for achieving a quick response. The Plasticover reeds have a clean, bright tone that be heard clearly in outdoor environments. This pack includes 5 reeds designed for soprano saxophones.


The Plasticover series of reeds offer a solution to gigging musicians who play outdoors. The plastic mould coating is a durable, protective layer that prevents water and dirt from tampering the reed. The coating adds a tonal quality to your overall sound that is ideal for funk and jazz musicians. The Plasticover reeds can last time after time, making them suitable for musicians who tour extensively and require equipment to endure.

  • Number of Reeds: 5
  • Strength: 3.5
  • Saxophone Type: Soprano
  • Coating: Plastic
  • Filing: Filed